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Waterlevel at Lake Mead / Hoover Dam


For many years I traveled to the US, sometimes 2 or 3 times every year. The purpose was almost always vacations although there have been a business trip in between. If you saw my road trip vlog, you would know by now that I like to visit Arizona and along the way I passed Hoover Dam. The second time I visited, I decided to compare water level in the videos from a previous vacation and got interested since it was at the height of the drought in California. That video got quite popular so I decided to expand on that and make a few more.

Lake Mead low water level and Hoover dam power production

I pay another visit to Hoover Dam to look at the low water level in lake Mead and I take a look at how that has affected Hoover Dam's ability produce electricity.
The upgrades have finished and it can now produce power more efficiently.

This is sort of a follow up to this video:
Lake Mead low water level and Hoover dam power production

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Fallout 76

I have played Fallout for many years, not everything has been on YouTube. At the moment of writing, I am playing Fallout 76. Mostly in Co-Op mode with Josh from Florida. The time difference and the distance are an issue but we try to get it to work. Whenever we can find the time, we are playing and streaming here on my channel. In the beginning we had a lot of issues as we learned how to get it to work. Also the internet sometimes acts up, I am blaming the distance between Florida and Denmark. Subscribe to my channelContinue readingFallout 76