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The EV VLOG is a video series about going electric. For many years I wanted to go electric, it wasn’t really for environmental reasons but for somehow I thought that it could be interesting to have a car I had to charge. Not having to visit the gas station, find the cheapest one, on the cheapest day, on the cheapest hour of the day(it was a thing, before 10am, on Mondays IIRC). Being able to just plug it in at home really appealed to me and also, since I have solar panels on my roof that produces more electricity than I use, I would have 1½ month of free “fuel” for my car.

Because we have a 150% tax on ICE cars and only 25% on BEVs in 2020, buying what I ended up with, was “cheaper” and half the price of a new Honda Civic Type-R.

in 2014, I wanted to buy a Mercedes, their first EV, built on a B-Class. Imagine a Mercedes without the 180% tax(as it was 180% at that time). It turned out to be a bit of a dud, with a etimated range of 200km, but real life in Denmark was around half of that according to those who bought it. I then bought the cheapest second hand Peugeot diesel in 2018 since I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted.

You can never trust politicians and 2020 would be according to the government in charge at the time, the last year where we could buy EVs without the 150% tax and just the 25% sales tax. So I had look at the Peugeot e-208 in 2019 that they promised would be delivered in the beginning of 2020. But when we entered into May, there were no sign and complete radio silence from Peugeot, I cancelled my order in fustration.

The year of Covid virus, might have caused me to act differently than I otherwise would have. I would have liked to buy a Tesla, but they were expensive and the cheapest model were, I thought, so limited that it lacked everything that made a Tesla what it is(for better or worse). But I decided to book a 45 minute test drive. I drove around on the roads I know and would be driving every day and at the end of the drive, I felt like when I have been on vacation in the US and had to return the Mustang, Camaro SS and specially the Corvette, back to Hertz. I didn’t want it to end. As it turned out, the “standard range plus” had all the things I needed. The stereo was fine without the subwoofer, it was fast enough and the battery are more than enough for daily use. Translated to USD, the Peugeot e-208 was $45.000 and the Model 3 STD+ $60.000, so more expensive, but worth it to me.

All of this I have documented in my ongoing EV VLOG on YouTube:

EV-VLOG #1 Looking at the specs for the Peugeot e-208 I might buy

This is the first episode of my vlog before I realised it would be become a vlog about driving electric. I had reserved it at this point but specifications where ...not available until this point in October 2019
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