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The EV VLOG is a video series about going electric. For many years I wanted to go electric, it wasn’t really for environmental reasons but for somehow I thought that it could be interesting to have a car I had to charge. Not having to visit the gas station, find the cheapest one, on the cheapest day, on the cheapest hour of the day(it was a thing, before 10am, on Mondays IIRC). Being able to just plug it in at home really appealed to me and also, since I have solar panels on my roof that produces more electricity than I use, I would have 1½ month of free “fuel” for my car.

Because we have a 150% tax on ICE cars and only 25% on BEVs in 2020, buying what I ended up with, was “cheaper” and half the price of a new Honda Civic Type-R.

in 2014, I wanted to buy a Mercedes, their first EV, built on a B-Class. Imagine a Mercedes without the 180% tax(as it was 180% at that time). It turned out to be a bit of a dud, with a etimated range of 200km, but real life in Denmark was around half of that according to those who bought it. I then bought the cheapest second hand Peugeot diesel in 2018 since I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted.

You can never trust politicians and 2020 would be according to the government in charge at the time, the last year where we could buy EVs without the 150% tax and just the 25% sales tax. So I had look at the Peugeot e-208 in 2019 that they promised would be delivered in the beginning of 2020. But when we entered into May, there were no sign and complete radio silence from Peugeot, I cancelled my order in fustration.

The year of Covid virus, might have caused me to act differently than I otherwise would have. I would have liked to buy a Tesla, but they were expensive and the cheapest model were, I thought, so limited that it lacked everything that made a Tesla what it is(for better or worse). But I decided to book a 45 minute test drive. I drove around on the roads I know and would be driving every day and at the end of the drive, I felt like when I have been on vacation in the US and had to return the Mustang, Camaro SS and specially the Corvette, back to Hertz. I didn’t want it to end. As it turned out, the “standard range plus” had all the things I needed. The stereo was fine without the subwoofer, it was fast enough and the battery are more than enough for daily use. Translated to USD, the Peugeot e-208 was $45.000 and the Model 3 STD+ $60.000, so more expensive, but worth it to me.

All of this I have documented in my ongoing EV VLOG on YouTube:

EV-VLOG #1 Looking at the specs for the Peugeot e-208 I might buy

This is the first episode of my vlog before I realised it would be become a vlog about driving electric. I had reserved it at this point but specifications where ...not available until this point in October 2019[+] Show More
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Fallout 76

I have played Fallout for many years, not everything has been on YouTube. At the moment of writing, I am playing Fallout 76. Mostly in Co-Op mode with Josh from Florida. The time difference and the distance are an issue but we try to get it to work. Whenever we can find the time, we are playing and streaming here on my channel. In the beginning we had a lot of issues as we learned how to get it to work. Also the internet sometimes acts up, I am blaming the distance between Florida and Denmark. Subscribe to my channelContinue readingFallout 76