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Ubiquiti WiFi upgrade to UAP-AP-HD - pulling wires, drilling holes

In today's video I install a new Ubiquiti access point, so I have to go up into the attic and pull ethernet cables, drill holes, getting itchy from the insulation, ...moving the UAP-AC-PRO access point to my workshop, installing the UAP-AC-HD in the house.

00:00 Intro
00:17 Welcome
02:44 Quick unboxing
03:40 Getting cables
04:40 Welcome to the attic
06:30 Pulling cables
11:10 Removing the UAP-AC-PRO
13:50 Installing the UAP-AC-HD
16:23 My technical closet
17:40 Ubiquiti adoption
19:15 UAP-AC-PRO in the workshop
20:00 UAP-AC-PRO relocation
24:16 Is it running?
25:25 Can the Tesla connect?
25:55 Outtro
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