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View Texas-is-freezing-cold-with-power-outages-in-artic-weather

Texas is freezing cold with power outages in artic weather

Texas are experiencing an artic blast with very cold weather from this artic blast and sadly power outages to follow. So I take a look at the statistics, just out of interest. Links showed in video: News: ‘Temperatures: Power Statistics: Power Outage map: Denmark live stats:

View Converting-the-LED-sign-to-use-USB-power

Converting the LED sign to use USB power

So this is a continuation of my first video about this small LED text sign. Today I am just converting it to accept USB power, because who doesn’t have a spare USB power supply. Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:30 Minimum acceptable voltage 02:06 Why your phone charge slowly 04:00 Sacrificing the USB cable 08:30 Salvaging the 12 volt connector 11:18 Soldering the cables together 19:50 heat shrink tubing shrunk 20:56 Will it work?