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Travel: Vlog Day 9 – Lets go cruising, wine tasting and mucking about on Page Springs Road

I go cruising down Page Springs Road, looking for somewhere to do some wine tasting and get a bit of lunch and I end up at an old favourite, Javalina Leap. A cup of coffee at Bike & Bean and a small gift to Tony. And I also try to get some epic video shots but kinda fail because the weather isn’t all that good. So a bit more cruising and of course the day ends with yet another steak. —— Main Channel: Secondary channel : Instagram: @martinRudJ Twitter: @wwwruddk Website:

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Page Springs Cellars

Visited Page Springs Cellars. The footage clearly shows that we spent more time tasting wine than shooting video. 🙂 A cozy place with great wines so we bought some to take home. Had lunch there, an excellent pizza. Would like to visit again some time. Apparently they were installing solar power, forgot to ask about that.