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Trip to Sedona – part 3 – Bike days

In this video, we go on our first mountain bike ride on the vacation. It’s a nice ride starting and ending at Bike & Bean in Village of Oak Creek. I was completely done after that ride. It is Morten’s first time here while for Allan and me, it is great to be back and get some red dust on our shoes. Ended the day tired but happy. —— Main Channel: Secondary channel : Instagram: @martinRudJ Twitter: @wwwruddk Website:

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🌵Red Rock Scenic Byway & Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road🇺🇸🌄

Spread good vibes and like this video, it helps me a lot. Select 4k if your viewer can handle it for best picture quality. Cruising from Village of Oak Creek to north of Sedona on SR 179 following on 89A north, also called Red Rock Scenic Byway and Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road. It’s a beautiful ride when there’s not too much traffic or people scared of the turns when you get to 89A which is the fun part. This time I wanted to try a timelapse recording in higher quality. It has been a pain trying to get YouTubeContinue reading🌵Red Rock Scenic Byway & Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road🇺🇸🌄