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3600km Tesla road trip for a pizza 2/3

Today it is finally time for the second video. in this series. In this part of the trip, I drive the Tesla from southern Germany to Lake Como and visit some chargers along the way, mostly looking at Superchargers but I take the time to check out other options. I will try to have the final video out next week. Check out part 1 of my @tesla road trip: My most popular Tesla shorts video: Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:45 Departure Hotel Vilotel 02:45 Charger Bodensee Hörbranz 06:38 Rant about coffee 07:55 Ionity Chargers with coffee 08:40 Maienfeld V1Continue reading3600km Tesla road trip for a pizza 2/3

View I-look-at-all-my-Tesla-Model-3-charging-curves-at-V3-superchargers

I look at all my Tesla Model 3 charging curves at V3 superchargers

I have enjoyed looking at @Bjørn Nyland videos about charging. Specially the charging “race” videos. But I thought the charging curves on the Model 3 Performance was a bit off, compared to my experience, So I am trying to compare them here, let’s see what they look like. Bjørns video here: My website with my graphs here: #tesla #superchargers

Tesla Model 3 Charging curve

This is some charts and graphs related to a video on my YouTube Channel. They show the kW going into my Tesla Model 3 Long Range, at a V3 Tesla supercharger with a maximum of 250kW output. Check out video for more information

Fallout 76

I have played Fallout for many years, not everything has been on YouTube. At the moment of writing, I am playing Fallout 76. Mostly in Co-Op mode with Josh from Florida. The time difference and the distance are an issue but we try to get it to work. Whenever we can find the time, we are playing and streaming here on my channel. In the beginning we had a lot of issues as we learned how to get it to work. Also the internet sometimes acts up, I am blaming the distance between Florida and Denmark. Subscribe to my channelContinue readingFallout 76