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Amazing drive through the Las Vegas Strip at night (4am)

I go cruising the Las Vegas Strip at 4am. (Leaving a like really makes me happy) I already have the Las Vegas Strip in my playlist about America’s Scenic byways, but that was in the daytime and I think that I needed a nighttime as well. So I drive from the parking garage at Encore down to the “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” sign and back again at 4 AM. I am driving in the Corvette Stingray that I rented from Hertz for this 2 weeks in the United States where I was spending time in Nevada and Arizona. ItContinue readingAmazing drive through the Las Vegas Strip at night (4am)

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Travel Vlog Day 2 – Relaxing, cruising and gambling in Las Vegas.

On this second day of my vacation I managed to get into a relaxed mood and even winning some money. It’s a good start on the vacation. I go cruising in the early morning since I can’t sleep anyway so I record a video for my playlist on America’s Scenic Byways. I visit the gym and I give you a tour of the room here at Encore. —— Main Channel: Secondary channel : Instagram: @martinRudJ Website: