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Trip to Sedona – part 2 – Dealing with jet lag, stocking the fridge, wine tasting

It’s a new day, and there’s jet lag to deal with. An empty fridge to fill and wine to be tasted. Starting the day driving up to “The Coffee Pot Restaurant” in Sedona for a wholesome breakfast and a short visit to Whole Foods before deciding on going back to Village of Oak Creek to shop at IGA, because we are on a budget for this vacation. After that, we drive to Old Town Cottonwood to visit Arizona Stronghold tasting room to taste their latest wine and visit the Burning Tree Winery tasting room. We pay a visit to BikeContinue readingTrip to Sedona – part 2 – Dealing with jet lag, stocking the fridge, wine tasting

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Sedona Winefest

In 2015, we visited again the Sedona winefest. A great opportunity to sample some of the wines from Arizona, talk to other tourists and people who knows a great deal more about wine than I. Of course we still (re)visited a bunch of tasting rooms and vineyards. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. On a editing note. This year we brought a new microphone which made it somewhat possible to record audio, which was not a all possible with the built in mic in the camera. There still was a lot of background noise but withContinue readingSedona Winefest

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Made in America

Mostly Arizona and Sedona. Wine tasting, eating, biking and cruising. A few bits from other places in the end, but mostly Sedona / Village of Oak Creek which is the place I want to return to again. Many of these clips will be extended into their own videos later on. Those who know, can see we got a different car from Hertz than planned. Order this exact model, guess not. 🙂 At least it was a proper american V8 with the right sound. 🙂 Thanks to all the nice people and and Jeremy at Revolve Camera.