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View Texas-is-freezing-cold-with-power-outages-in-artic-weather

Texas is freezing cold with power outages in artic weather

Texas are experiencing an artic blast with very cold weather from this artic blast and sadly power outages to follow. So I take a look at the statistics, just out of interest. Links showed in video: News: ‘Temperatures: Power Statistics: Power Outage map: Denmark live stats:

View STUPID-This-face-mask-is-approved-to-use

STUPID! This face mask is approved to use!

USE A PROPER FACE MASK. This mask have been gaining in popularity recently. I see old and young wearing it. Manning the cash register in the supermarket or shopping while sneezing and dropping it below the chin. for as little as $3, you can wear this tiny little shield apparently which don’t even cover your nose if you open your mouth. DON’T USE THIS, JUST DON’T! Use a proper face mask. 00:00 Introduction 00:25 Use this mask 01:06 Don’t use this type 01:40 Unboxing 02:45 Ranting 03:45 Until next time

View Quality-time-in-the-toolshed-fixing-replaced-axle-and-going-into-the-forest

Quality time in the toolshed fixing replaced axle and going into the forest

Hanging out in my toolshed fixing my bike, had replaced the axle and freehub on my rear wheel. So I have to remove the cassette and the hub and have a look inside. Afterwards a quick escape to the forest on the singletrack if I can find it under the leaves. Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:45 What’s going on 02:27 Remove Wheel 02:55 Freehub & Casssette disassembly 06:45 A look inside the hub 07:08 Baby Wipes 08:00 Comparing parts 11:00 Reassembly 12:45 Freehub assembly pro tip 15:00 Cassette Assembly 18:15 SKS bikepump rant 19:35 Mounting Wheel 20:35 Testing the repair 21:16Continue readingQuality time in the toolshed fixing replaced axle and going into the forest

View top-10-most-popular-videos-to-watch

top 10 most popular videos to watch

This video is about my top 10 videos on YouTube. What are those videos, why did I make them and MORE! Here’s the complete top 10 list with links: Number 10: The record low water level at lake Mead Number 9: Lake Mead low water level and Hoover dam power production Number 8: Grand Isles, about the car in the water for 22 years Number 7: DJI Mavic 2 live streaming review – Live vs. recorded Number 6: Visiting Hoover Dam in Fallout: New Vegas Number 5: Twinkly RGB LED Lights 2019 testing them beforeContinue readingtop 10 most popular videos to watch

View Lockdown-looming-riding-in-to-the-woods-for-a-bit-of-fresh-air

Lockdown looming, riding in to the woods for a bit of fresh air.

I am heading out into the forest for a bit of fresh air. Since I can do that without bumping into a lot of other people it is quite safe. So I will show you around a bit of the trail that I visit when I can. So come #withme and let’s have a look at it. Despite having a bad case of the fly and pneumonia, I recovered after 8 months and can sort of breathe again, so there is hope. Let’s not focus on what we can’t do right now, but what we CAN do and get theContinue readingLockdown looming, riding in to the woods for a bit of fresh air.