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Rum & Games: The Outer Worlds Episode #3

Today I am visiting The Groundbreaker, the Relay station Relay GB-23 and I start my mission on Monarch. Also Parvati goes into space for the first time. Meanwhile I drink some Rum, this time Diplomatico Planas and Zacapa 23 Solera. And since I haven’t received my ASUS 3080 EK watercooled GPU yet, I had to lower the resolution from very high to high, so there might be a bit of stutter in the beginning.

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Status on my ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 EK 10GB GDDR6X RAM

So what is status on my ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 EK – 10GB GDDR6X RAM? Any news? I think someone in Europe Should make the “Certified Gamer” deal like Linus Tech Tips are in the US and Canada, that would be cool. And hello to all of you who watched my live stream ( ) yesterday on my other channel: