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Cruising in style – Tesla Aero Wheel kit 2.0 #shorts

Installing the Tesla Aero Wheel Kit 2.0 on my Tesla Model 3. So lets see if I will be riding in style now that you can see the original rims with this kit. So how to you remove the aero caps? I will figure that out, I will change the software configuration in the car to reflect the new caps and range. #Shorts #Tesla #Aero

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The NEW Tesla Aero Wheel Cap Kit 2.0, how to change configuration and predicted range difference.

The standard Tesla Model 3 configuration uses the Aero caps on the wheels, which improves the range. But there are nice rims behind those caps. Now Tesla has released version 2.0 of their Aero Wheel Cap Kit and I have ordered it to check it out. So I will be unboxing them, installing them and checking out the navigation system to see if it shows any difference in range when I select the Aero Wheel Cap Kit 2.0 I will also show how to change the tire configuration in the software. According to the box, this product was made onContinue readingThe NEW Tesla Aero Wheel Cap Kit 2.0, how to change configuration and predicted range difference.

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Hey Tesla, heat my ass, with FLIR view.

Just a quick video looking at how the Tesla Model 3 heats your behind. Using a FLIR camera, we can see the lovely heating doing its magic, keeping you warm. The rear seats are included here and as you can see, the middle seat does not get back heating

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Camaro SS cruising 2017

Mostly unedited footage cruising in the Camaro SS, recorded with a GoPro4 Main channel: Related video:

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Car testing.

2015 in Phoenix, Car testing. Where did all the horses go? 🙂 iirc we had forgotten to turn off the AC and we found 20hp more later on.