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America’s Scenic Byways

I have mentioned a few times how I like to drive. And when stateside, rent American sports / muscle cars. So what better than find some roads to drive down. This is the series where I drive down America’s Scenic Byways.

I you plan to do so yourself, a word of caution, many roads in the US even freeways and interstates are in poor condition, often not suitable for their own sports cars. On the freeways, you often can’t just cruise in the right lane as it is often worn down, you have to stay in the left lane and keep an eye in the rear view mirror and let people pass you. Often the only way to avoid a bumpy ride.

The Scenic byways can be everthing from the Las Vegas Strip to a gravel road somewhere so do a bit of research first.

Watch the first video to learn more.

America's Scenic Byways

In this video, I take a look at what America's National Scenic Byways are all about. And I check the list of roads to see which ones I have seen myself so far. Maybe I will try to take a drive on more of them in the future.Show More
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