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Going Up Grossglockner high Alpine Road in an electric car, DRAINS the range even the Tesla Model 3

Today we are driving up the alps to Grossglockner on the High Alpine Road in Austria, all the way up to a glacier, charging at a Tesla destination charger with glacier view and you will get a front seat look at the battery consumption. Let’s just say that even a Tesla Model 3 Long range really drains the battery, but by how much?

00:00 Pre-Intro
00:18 Why I am doing this
02:02 Main start
02:20 Grossglockner high Alpine Road
02:50 The ride up with telemetry
05:10 Driving through the clouds
10:00 Driving above the clouds
14:00 The final stretch
15:00 Charging by the glacier
15:18 Conclusion
16:05 The End