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Can a full grown man fit in the back of a Tesla Model 3 to sleep and camp in it?

So you have probably seen videos of people sleeping in their Tesla Model 3. But I am interested in seeing if I will even fit since I am tall and heavy. So could it work as a backup option?
So today I am testing if camping is possible!

00:00 Introduction, welcome new subs
00:45 Making a sleeping in Tesla Model 3 video
01:08 Can a tall muscular nordic viking do it?
02:22 Finding my old air mattress
03:00 Engaging Camp Mode
03:32 Making space
04:40 Measuring space
05:10 Testing it out
06:29 Inflating air mattress
06:55 Test with air mattress
08:47 Conclusion
09:20 A word of warning
10:16 Until next time