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How to install Gluster scale out storage on your game rig and pretend it is a petabyte project

Rather than repeating what is already there in the guides online, I will just cover the few things they have left out or needs to be updates so in this video there will just be a few useful tips and hints if you want to play with something that would be used in a petabyte scale setup.
I am throwing in some hints to help you get started and have fun!
In this setup, I am running it on my gaming PC, using VMware Player. There are free options available for doing virtualization.



Useful commands hints for those of you who need some hints to get started:
Allow your use to elevate to root: sudo usermod -aG wheel username

Rescan new drives on your virtual gluster host: echo “- – -” (YOUTUBE WONT ALLOW ANGLED BRACKET HERE) /sys/class/scsi_host/hostX/scan
Disk partition: fdisk

Change network setting:
# set manual for static setting (it’s [auto] for DHCP)
[root@localhost ~]# nmcli connection modify ens33 ipv4.method manual

[root@localhost ~]# nmcli connection modify ens33 ipv4.addresses
# set gateway
[root@localhost ~]# nmcli connection modify ens33 ipv4.gateway
# set DNS
[root@localhost ~]# nmcli connection modify ens33 ipv4.dns

Change hostname: hostnamectl

Firewall commands to see defined services and zones:
firewall-cmd –get-services
firewall-cmd –get-active-zones

Open gluster for a zone: firewall-cmd –zone=FedoraServer –add-service=glusterfs

Make changes permanent: firewall-cmd –runtime-to-permanent