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Month: March 2021

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Rum & Games: The Outer Worlds Episode #3

Today I am visiting The Groundbreaker, the Relay station Relay GB-23 and I start my mission on Monarch. Also Parvati goes into space for the first time. Meanwhile I drink some Rum, this time Diplomatico Planas and Zacapa 23 Solera. And since I haven’t received my ASUS 3080 EK watercooled GPU yet, I had to lower the resolution from very high to high, so there might be a bit of stutter in the beginning.

View Hey-Tesla-heat-my-ass-with-FLIR-view

Hey Tesla, heat my ass, with FLIR view.

Just a quick video looking at how the Tesla Model 3 heats your behind. Using a FLIR camera, we can see the lovely heating doing its magic, keeping you warm. The rear seats are included here and as you can see, the middle seat does not get back heating