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Month: February 2021

View Happy-stuff.-Charging-my-electric-car-for-FREE

Happy stuff. Charging my electric car for FREE

Today a little video about something that makes me happy. Charging my electric car for free using solar power. Now all I need is a Tesla power wall but that is not viable or even a good economic solution. Link to solar power status: Link to website:

View Crossing-the-almost-largest-suspension-bridge-in-the-world-the-Great-belt-bridge

Crossing the almost largest suspension bridge in the world, the Great belt bridge

So this was supposed to be a video on my main channel, but the audio sucks and can’t be repaired. So it is here now on this channel. I have taken my Rode lavaliere iPhone mic, and placed it permanently in my car so I won’t forget it. Today I am crossing what should have been the world largest suspension bridge, but due to politicians and bureaucracy, it just missed being the world record holder.

View Texas-is-freezing-cold-with-power-outages-in-artic-weather

Texas is freezing cold with power outages in artic weather

Texas are experiencing an artic blast with very cold weather from this artic blast and sadly power outages to follow. So I take a look at the statistics, just out of interest. Links showed in video: News: ‘Temperatures: Power Statistics: Power Outage map: Denmark live stats:

View About-UFOs-people-stealing-content-dead-people-murder-and-sometimes-people-asking-nicely

About UFOs, people stealing content, dead people, murder and sometimes people asking nicely

Which content of mine do people like to use? I look at a few of the videos here and talk about that. UFO channels are interested in the one with the strange lights. TV channels are interested videos of mine shot at murder locations etc. etc. So we are looking at Route 66, Roy’s Motel and Café, my Corvette music video, using takin’ a ride by Don Felder, the strange lights I recorded over Copenhagen that someone likes to think are UFOs, the tragic case of William Moldt video. Everyone from the random YouTube channel to crime shows and theContinue readingAbout UFOs, people stealing content, dead people, murder and sometimes people asking nicely