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EV-VLOG #9 – Preheating your EV and battery, the actual cost and power consumption

Today I decided to see what the actual cost of heating my Tesla before driving. I have a FLIR camera and a meter on the plug to the car so I can see what actually happens when the battery is frozen. I will be measuring the peak kW draw as well as the total kWh used. it should be interesting to see how many kilowatt hours it uses.

00:00 Intro
01:50 The Setup
01:20 Current status
02:50 Turning on preheat
04:15 5 minutes
04:50 10 minutes
05:30 15 minutes
06:33 First infrared FLIR view
08:02 20 minutes
09:30 why only 50% charge
10:15 50 minutes infrared / FLIR
11:00 Car infrared / FLIR heat
12:13 Conclusion
14:40 Until next time