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What a difference a microphone makes

All microphones are not created equal. Here we can hear how much a difference it makes when you have to make sacrifices.
See chapters below for which microphones are used when.
If you want to see more videos about differences between microphones, check out @Booth Junkie who, unlike me, knows what he is doing.

I use a bunch of Rode microphones so we will be listening to the Røde NT1a, the SmartLav, Wireless Filmmaker, built in GoPro, built in Panasonic GH5s.

Check chapters for which microphones are active in this video:
00:00 Preface
00:12 Intro
00:24 Interrupting Transmission
00:36 The Challenge, Rode NT1A
01:45 Rode Wireless Filmmaker Focusrite Scarlett
02:35 Rode Wireless Filmmaker on GH5S
03:50 Audio on GoPro Hero 6
04:40 Rode Wireless Filmmaker
05:20 SmartLav+ on iPhone 11Pro
05:44 GH5S Built in microphone
05:58 Rode NT1A
06:57 Conclusion
07:18 The End