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The red wine from Page Springs Cellars

A long overdue video about the shipment of wine from Page Springs Cellars. Nothing better than getting more wine to enjoy.
I bought 12 bottles of red wine from Page Springs Cellars and were awaiting their arrival. It had to be timed so it wasn’t too hot in Arizona and not too cold in Denmark when it was shipped in order to protect the wine.
A nice present to myself from past me, but was it still a great wine? Check out this video to find out. 😀

What I bought :
2* 2015 GMCs SKU: 2015039 $52.20
3* 2015 Super Arizona SKU: 2015057 $67.50
3* 2016 Vino De La Familia SKU: 2016019 $67.50
2* 2016 Cochise Syrah SKU: 2016029 $50.40
2* 2016 Dragoon Pinotage SKU: 2016035 $72.00

And then I paid almost another $300 in import taxes, shipping etc.