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Travel: Vlog Day 0 – Beginning my road trip

I travel to the other side of the planet by alone for a vacation and I am wondering if I get the car I rented. The whole point of the vacation is to go to the USA and drive a proper American car, but so far it doesn’t look good.

I have rented at Corvette Stingray from Hertz in Las Vegas at McCarran Airport. I have a preference for American sports and muscle cars and I really liked the previous iteration of the Corvette that we also rented from Hertz. Starting in Las Vegas, Nevada, driving down to Tuscon, Arizona, up to Sedona, where I am looking forward to go mountain biking again.

Since I planned the vacation half a year ago, I have been keeping an eye out for the rentals, booking etc and had to call a few times because my booking seemed to vanish.
It is the first time I try to do a proper vlog during a vacation but I tought it could be a fun thing to do. I enjoy editing videos when I am not on vacations so why not combine the two.

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