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Month: May 2017

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🌞 My solar power installation – part 1

In this video, I take a look at my photovoltaic installation that I installed 5 years ago. There will be a follow up video that covers more details about production output and other statistics. An inverter from Kostal, OEMed as LuxRa and panels from Saint-Gobain. —— Main Channel: Secondary channel : Instagram: @martinRudJ Twitter: @wwwruddk Website:

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Test stream not live 2

Just testing upstream stability with different types of software. Had some problems, trying to figure out if it is the internet connection or the software or the computer. .. or something

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Stan’s tire sealant

All the dark spots everywhere are not water or wet dirt but tire sealant oozing out ever so slowly. So there are tons of small holes but it seems to manage to keep the pressure for at least a week. Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo Double Defense Pacestar, running tubeless with Stan’s tie sealant.

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Bose QC 15 replacement ear cushions

I take a look at how the Bose QC 15 and QC 25 have worked out for me and then I take my sweet time replacing the ear cushions. —— Main Channel: Secondary channel : Instagram: @martinRudJ Twitter: @wwwruddk Website:

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Cruising Camaro SS

Mostly unedited footage cruising in the Camaro SS, recorded with a GoPro4 Main channel: Related video: