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OMG, I REACT to eating this weird candy, what a challenge!

In this high octane video, full with action packed features,
I react to this weird chocolate and licorice candy.
You won’t believe the reaction!!!
I believe it is Icelandic chocolate, looks a bit weird, so you might be surprised to see this wild reaction. I am crazy, I know, crazy and unpredictable.
I believe it is licorice on top of the chocolate. It might be my first and last reaction video. 😀

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Instagram: @martinRudJ
Twitter: @wwwruddk


At the moment click bait videos titles are popular on Youtube and people have been turning to them in order to get more views, that is at least what they say. Sadly they also do this for videos with good and serious content. Also reaction videos with people over reacting to something trivial seems to be the thing.

The reaction videos I don’t mind, you can just choose not to watch them, but I miss some videos that I really would have liked to see because the title makes it look like something I would not like to watch.

So with those things in mind, this video is just an idea I came up with as a joke. I would make a poor choice for a reaction video as you can see in this bit. 😀
And as the final touch, I added some cats in the end of the video, because we all know that cat videos are quintessentially YouTube.