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Month: October 2016

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Edwards Air Force Base Tour

How about trying something different for a tourist destination? In this video, I talk about our tour at the Edwards Air Force Base in California. (note that a one point I say F-55, it should of course have been F-35) Website tour page:

View Cruising-from-Little-Duck-key-to-Key-West

Cruising from Little Duck key to Key West.

Cruising from Little Duck Key to Key West timelapse in 3 minutes. Recorded in 2012. Although early in the year, it was hot enough to drive with the top down. In the camera car, there were no such luxuries. This is sort of a re-upload of an old video. The old one kept getting hit with bogus copyright infringements / Content-ID on “music” I made myself( see this video: ).

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False Content ID claims on music I made myself

I’d bet that many who has made videos and uploaded them to youtube, has been hit with bogus Content ID matches, even if they only has used audio they had permission to use(like what came with your favorite editing software). In this video, I talk about how I tried to avoid that by creating my own soundtrack and still got hit by claims over and over again.