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Twilight Zone Pinball Home ROM test

Have finally installed the home ROM version of the software on my Twilight Zone( theme based on the TV series if there were any doubt).

There’s a bunch of changes to the game.
NOTE: The “H” (home) ROM is “free play only”. It will not take
money to do pay for play.

1) Added a new adjustment: “LITZ CHEAT OK”. When set to
YES, this allows the player to hold in the buy-in
button during game play to enable Lost in the Zone.
The next shot to the Slot Machine or Piano will
start a LITZ “practice round”. The player is not
able to enter intials for LITZ champ if the cheat has
been performed.

2) Implemented “Mute & Pause” mode. Pressing buy-in Button
while holding a flipper will kill music and keep flipper held.
Pressing buy-in again will resume regular play.
This feature can be disabled by adjustment (“MUTE & PAUSE OK”).
The game resumes automatically after 15 minutes.

NOTE: If you are worried about your flipper hold coil getting
hot with this feature, then disable it.

3) Added a magnet ball-catching effect at the beginning of multball.
This will catch the balls on the magnets if all of these conditions
are in effect:
– 3 magnets installed, and all 3 work
– adjustment for the effect is ON
– 0 or 1 balls in the lockup
– white ball is in the gumball machine
(Note that the last condition requires that the game
has actually seen a white ball loaded since last
power up or exit from Test mode, since the location of the
white ball is not tracked across initialization.)
This effect can be disabled by adjustment (“MB ST. 3 MAG. GRAB”).

4) Added an adjustment that allows white ball detection during multiball
(“M.B. P.B. DETECT OK”). With this adjustment turned ON (default)
the game behaves as before. With it OFF, then the game can no longer
be fooled into thinking the white ball is in play by a quick 1-2 shot into the
piano and slot machine. Use of this adjustment is recommended only
if all of the proximity sensors are correctly functioning.

5) Added a preset (“INSTALL #pinball”) for home adjustments
desired by group of silly Twilight Zone owners.