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Month: March 2015

View Sedona-Winefest-2014

Sedona Winefest 2014

Visited Sedona Winefest in 2014, tasted a lot of different wines, talked to a lot of people and had a very pleasant afternoon. On the way home, our taxi drivers sharp eyes caught a tarantula crossing the road so he hit the brakes and helped it safely over the road

View New-York-Transit-Museum

New York Transit Museum

A quick peek into the New York Transit Museum. Didn’t have much time before closing. With the current “man spreading” problem, maybe it is time to bring back Etti-Cat? 😀

View Around-Oak-Creek

Around Oak Creek

Cacti and sand, a river with some dogs playing, mountainbikes and sun. A lot of the places around Oak Creek had been closed off due to fears of flash floods(can’t remember if this place was though) so when they opened up again, a lot of people was out enjoying nature.