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The EV VLOG is a video series about going electric. For many years I wanted to go electric, it wasn’t really for environmental reasons but for somehow I thought that it could be interesting to have a car I had to charge. Not having to visit the gas station, find the cheapest one, on the cheapest day, on the cheapest hour of the day(it was a thing, before 10am, on Mondays IIRC). Being able to just plug it in at home really appealed to me and also, since I have solar panels on my roof that produces more electricity thanContinue readingThe EV VLOG

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Lazy YouTubers Badge – The Rode Wireless Go

So I have had to do something because my old Rode wireless microphone broke and I have videos to record. So I got the Rode Wireless Go instead and I have added the Rode Wireless Go lavalier so I can hide the transmitter, even though it is quite small. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:44 Rum 01:04 The Problem 02:50 Unboxing Rode Wireless Go 04:12 Unwrapping ASMR 04:30 First power on 05:58 Rode Wireless Go Lavalier 08:04 First test 09:50 Lazy YouTubers Badge 10:20 Comparing Lavalier Microphone 11:26 One more thing 11:50 Cheers

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Christmas 2021 – Another Twinkly light blast, Part 1

Setting up the Twinkly lights as usual but in a different way. I want to run some of the more elaborate animations this year if I can. If you are interested in purchasing Twinkly Lights I’ve included links below. Just keep in mind that they offer RGB and RGB+W. If you can swing the extra cost I recommend getting the RGB+W, the only difference is it adds white as an option. [ Twinkly String Lights ] 400 RGB+W – 250 RGB+W – 600 RGB – 400 RGB – 250 RGB – 400 Gold – readingChristmas 2021 – Another Twinkly light blast, Part 1

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Free Energy Going Downhill charging #shorts

So I am driving 44 kilometers on mount Grossglockner and ending up with more power in the battery at the destination than when I started! Time for some downhill charging and create some of that free energy downhill Grossglockner. The car is a Tesla Model 3 a must watch for you COP26 aficionados! #shorts

Fallout 76

I have played Fallout for many years, not everything has been on YouTube. At the moment of writing, I am playing Fallout 76. Mostly in Co-Op mode with Josh from Florida. The time difference and the distance are an issue but we try to get it to work. Whenever we can find the time, we are playing and streaming here on my channel. In the beginning we had a lot of issues as we learned how to get it to work. Also the internet sometimes acts up, I am blaming the distance between Florida and Denmark. Subscribe to my channelContinue readingFallout 76