Bell Rock Pathway revisited

This video was uploaded in as a 50 FPS, 50000 kbps stream, encoded in Compressor to the specifications described in the Advanced encoding settings. Although the sound is just “AAC” and not “AAC-LC”, could not find it in Compressor.

So about this clip. Recorded with my Panasonic HC-X920 and two GoPro’s. Took tracking data from Endomondo and imported into Google Earth(had some problems with the track overlay flickering in the first part).

This is one of the two times I used my homemade time-lapse dolly with my homemade motor control board. Sadly the design with my portable rails were not as good as expected, had some traction problems, so it got dismantled and thrown out in the garbage, except for the motor and control. Will have to think of something better.

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