New Years drink: Coffee with Baileys through a milk steamer

Today I am going go test out a drink that you might decide to make for New Years eve. Baileys with coffee. But I am going to use the milk steamer to heat up the baileys and hopefully also make it a bit more fluffy. Will it steam or just be as heavy as usual?

I will be using my Philips Saeco coffee machine and beans from Risteriet.

Gadgets: Final Twinkly video, Merry Christmas

Since my last Twinkly video were so popular, I decided to say Merry Christmas with a bit more Twinkly. :D

So I test out to sets of lights at the same time to see how that work.

After my pneumonia and hospital visit,I can again, sort of, walk and talk at the same time.

Travel: Vlog Day 9 - Lets go cruising, wine tasting and mucking about on Page Springs Road

I go cruising down Page Springs Road, looking for somewhere to do some wine tasting and get a bit of lunch and I end up at an old favourite, Javalina Leap. A cup of coffee at Bike & Bean and a small gift to Tony. And I also try to get some epic video shots but kinda fail because the weather isn't all that good. So a bit more cruising and of course the day ends with yet another steak.

Let's have a look at my recording setup for gadget videos

Today I am going to show you my improvised setup for recording gadget unboxing videos. It involves a broomstick, a mix of old and new equipment. There's room for improvement. :D

Let's play with the Fitbit Charge 3 vs. professional hospital equipment

Now that I was hooked up to all these instruments at the hospital, why not check out how my Fitbit Charge 3 measures my pulse compared to professional hospital equipment.

Sorry about the lack of quality of sound and video, there's a lot of machine noise in the intensive care, luckily I am out of that now.

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