Happy New Year!

I just want to wish you a happy 2018 and hope that it will be great year for you.

I have had enough of this year for a long time and could use a better 2018.


I thought it was lost forever when I sold it, but it was just hiding. So it's a special kind of unboxing video you might say.

Uhm, I might have gone a bit overboard with the clickbaity thumbnail picture this time. :D It's so bloody stupid. :D :D

Revisited: Italian Twinkly lights in the spirit of Clark Griswold

Two weeks ago I unboxed and installed the Twinkly lights and so while trying to get in the Christmas spirit, I take look at the software updates and how it has been working out for me so far.

The mailman bought me a video commercial!

I got a video commercial in the physical mailbox. So I try to replace the content with my own video and I take it apart afterwards to see whats inside.

Italian Twinkly lights in the spirit of Clark Griswold

I'm no Clark Griswold and until today, I had no Italian Twinkly lights. So I am unboxing, tinkering and installing these 175 WiFi enabled lights that can be used for any occasion really. The app can scan where the lights are located and then be controlled individually.

I hope my Christmas lights will spread some happiness in a dark and cold time of the year. :)

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