A NEW Twinkly Generation 2 Icicle with RGB LEDS sneak peek preview

So I have gotten quite a few views on my Twinkly light videos so I have bought a third set of lights. Today I will be unboxing them, connect them to my WiFi and firmware upgrade them, ready for me to install them.

Making banner or channel art for my YouTube Channel, adding a sticker from AvE

I had a lot of problems figuring out what I wanted as graphic art or banner if you will, on my channel. So I created this virtual wall with, stickers, banners and other miscellaneous things attached. All made in The Gimp, since it was free. And now it is really skookum since I have bought a banner from AvE.

EV VLOG #2 - So I got a call from Peugeot dealership about the e-208

So as you know, I have been considering buying an EV and the options seem to grow in 2020. I made a deposit to get on the waiting list for the Peugeot e-208 and so I got a call from the local dealership that wanted to talk to me.

Twinkly RGB LED Lights 2019 testing them again before Christmas

Having used one of the Twinkly lights for two years now and the other one time, I take a look at them again to see if there is anything new in the app and if they still work and are ready for Christmas since I missed Halloween. :D 

If you want more Twinkly Light stuff, I have a playlist here:

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