Made in America

Mostly Arizona and Sedona. Wine tasting, eating, biking and cruising. A few bits from other places in the end, but mostly Sedona / Village of Oak Creek which is the place I want to return to again.

Many of these clips will be extended into their own videos later on. This is perhaps the one video that has taken the most time to create, the editing was one week and then all the hours every day. But it was a lot of fun though. Perhaps one of the best I have made so far.

Those who know, can see we got a different car from Hertz than planned. Order this exact model, guess not. :) At least it was a proper american V8 with the right sound. :)

Thanks to all the nice people and Jeremy at Revolve Camera.

Blue Angels

The last of my airshow videos for now. The Blue Angels at the MCAS Miramar Airshow, October 2, 2015.

I tried to make it like a sports show with a lineup.


Denmark’s future fighterplane? :)

F-35 (F-35B Lightning II to be exact) demostration at MCAS Miramar air show. This is the second of three videos from the air show. I will have one more ready within a week with the Blue Angels.

Yes, I know there is a lot of shaking, that will teach me to bring a proper tripod.

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