Google image search is broken

Some people are easier to detect than other. :D

GoPro Hero GPS Telemetry

I have a look at the GoPro GPS Telemetry that it can record along with the video and wonder how I can put it to good use.

The END is NIGH and I have gone fishing

Nothing better than just disconnect for a while and leave the rest of the world to go crazy about the hysterical Greta Thunberg, aliens and tourists left stranded. 

To those with who are in panic:

Grand Isles, about the car in the water for 22 years

In this video I take a look at some rather interesting news. In Grand Isles, Florida. A car has been submerged in the water for 22 years, containing the remains of William Moldt who went missing in November 1997. 

But when you look at the Google Earth images and go back in time, it seems odd that no one noticed it during the construction of last houses, when people went out to look at the houses or perhaps when just peering out from their second floor windows

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