Let's sell Greenland to Trump

Everyone says that we shouldn't sell Greenland to Trump / USA, but why not? We keep pouring money into Greenland and they have made it clear that as soon as they figure out how to make money, they want to be a sovereign country.

So we might as well sell them

The best print a GoPro picture can get

I had a picture of mine printed on a canvas. It was taken with a GoPro Hero 6 camera so lets see how big it can get without being annoying to look at.

The result of the almost successful one video per day for a week

Warning, Wind noise and shaking camera, You might want to avoid watching this one, cheers.

Why Denmark isn't really as green as we would like you to think

In this video, I talk about how we here in Denmark like to see ourselves as really thinking of the environment and thinking about renewable energy, as long as it doesn't cost anything or hurt the income of the friends of politicians.

It's all about removing incentives and destroying the economics of solar power. Getting the public to buy into green energy and then eliminating the incentives even before we have paid our loans.

The vacation without a plan

When I go on a vacation, there's usually a plan, stuff to do, places to see, videos to record. 

But on this vacation to Mallorca, I only brought one camera and recorded very little.

Why I left Facebook

In this video,  I explain the main reason why I closed my Facebook account a few years ago and why I won't be back.

One video pr. day for a week challenge, day 1

I challenge myself to produce one video every day for a week.

My lack of pigmentation excludes me from participating 🤣

🤣 Those silly Americans.

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