The record low water level at lake Mead

In this video, I revisit Hoover dam to take some pictures and video, go on a tour and to take a look at the record low water level that has triggered a "level 1 water shortage declaration". I compare the water level between a visit in late 2013 and early 2016.

Out on the trail

A bit of the easy part of the trail. It is going better every day, last year I couldn't even get up any of these parts without stopping and even worse on the hard parts of the trail. It is finally starting to get more fun.

Fiber Internet

I have finally taken the time to order fiber internet.

MTB boardwalk finished - Lystrup

The good people at Snakecity devils have finished the boardwalk so I can exercise my fat body. I managed to "catch" a few stinging nettles so I am going to feel that on my legs for a day or two. I guess that is why it is called "the devils track"?

1452 terabytes of SSD drives in a VMware vSAN

Why run spinning disks when you can have SSDs? So here's 8 of the 32 servers. In total 1,45 petabyte of SSD storage for 1152 cores. 

So now there's the small task of moving 1400 virtual servers onto that. :)

It doesn't look like much really. :)

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