The weekend at the race

From the weekend at the  ADAC Zurich 2016 24-hour race.

(I wanted to have made this sooner, but for the first time in years I have been sick.)

Hail storm Nürburgring 24 Hour Race

It took less than 2 minutes to go from OK to oh shit. 


I was on my mountain bike just outside the track getting hit by the hails. It was somewhat painful, specially the ones hitting my shoulders but also the ones hitting my helmet. Sadly my cameras wasn’t waterproof and the go pro was in a skeleton housing, so I couldn't take that out of my backpack either. :/

ADAC Zurich 2016 24-hour race

A very interesting race, at the Nurburgring with all kinds of weather, including the huge hailstorm with hails big enough to be painful on the spectators that got hit.

I will have more video edited as soon as possible.

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