Hoover Dam

Sunrise - Sedona, Arizona

This turned out rather well. A few slip-ups here and there but not too bad. Got promoted on Visit Sedona’s Facebook page.

Odds and Ends - Los Angeles

Being bored and playing with some unused footage. After posting it and watching it a few times, I came up with alternative ways to edit to give it a different vibes.  So I might give it a second shot in the near future. Also my second shot at 3D camera tracking in After Effects. I might actually have to subscribe to this program.

Lunch Time - San Francisco

Another timelapse movie along with some Motion 5 effects.

Route 66 - Roy’s Motel & Cafe

I am almost happy about how this turned out.

Golden Gate Bridge Bike

So how do you cut down 4 hours into 3 minutes and how do you keep the camera battery alive for  all thouse hours? The timelapse is pictures taken by a GoPro and converted to a movie with ffmpeg. I think the interval should have been shorter. Also I was trying to use a polarizing filter on the handheld camera which didn’t go well and ruined the colors. At the time of writing, I have a Anker 12000mAh battery pack with 3 USB outputs as well as a Hyperjuice. They should be able to feed cameras, phones etc for some time.

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