Red wine and nuclear annihilation

IN A WORLD full of fun and games, all that matters is red wine, cruising in a Corvette, mountain biking, and total nuclear annihilation.

In this highly acclaimed action packed series of videos, we are taken on a roller coaster ride of laughs and excitement as our hero travels through the unforgiving Sonoran desert.

Day 4 - Got woken up by coyotes

Day 4 of my vacations begins a 4:30AM where I got woken up by coyotes and then decided to go back to sleep. I then drove to southern Arizona, almost to the border to Mexico to stay for two days in Green Valley. Once there, I realise that I should have stayed in Madera Canyon. :)

National Mustang Day

April 17 is national Mustang day so I have this small tribute with some of my own recordings.

Day 3 - Hoover Dam, Joshua Forest Scenic Road & Rancho de los Caballeros

Leaving Las Vegas with a short stop at Hoover dam for old times sake. Driving down Joshua Forest Scenic Road and staying at Rancho de los Caballeros.

2018 Road Trip - Taking one for the team - Postcard to the office

After starting my vacation, I created this video for my dear colleagues at work. At my last vacation, I sent a postcard (through Touchnote) that took 3 weeks to arrive, so why not a video "postcard" instead. :)

There's some lines in Danish, but I have translated them into English in the subtitles.(which are also  burned in so I am sure everyone will see them)

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