The Jaffa Cakes Affair

I have been watching Cruising The Cut lately and so I am told that I should prepare some tea and eat a Jaffa Cake or perhaps a whole pack? The only thing is that you can't buy Jaffa Cakes around here,  although I believe I have tasted them at some point. But the internet can solve the problem, so I get some Jaffa Cakes shipped from the UK.

Will it work, and what are Jaffa Cakes?


Crusing The Cut:


Video I watched:

DJI Mavic 2 live streaming review - Live vs. recorded

Yesterday, I tested the live streaming feature on the Mavic system. So I streamed about 20 minutes from the Mavic 2 zoom using the 4G connection on my cell phone.

As you can see the quality is far from perfect and my advice will be that you make sure that you record it as well.


Jellyfish in Space af Kevin MacLeod er givet i licens i henhold til en Creative Commons Attribution license (



Live Stream: DJI mavic live streaming test over 4G

Testing to see how it works live streaming from the DJI Mavic. This is really just a test, since I wonder if it will even work over 4G. I am streaming from the DJI Mavic 2, using my iPhone 7, which is connected via 4G.

Bose Quiet comfort 25 cushion replacement

Today I am replacing the cushions on my Bose Quiet Comfort 25 ( qc 25 ). 2 years ago I replaced the cushions on my QC 15, so I assume it isn't too hard. I believe you can replace the cushions on the Quiet Comfort 25 with two different color ear pads.

Bellagio Water Show video

This is my Bellagio Water Show video. I do like those fountains so I have compiled 40 minutes of video here, right from a Bellagio Fountain View room. Now since I do not have the license rights to play My heart will go on by Céline Dion, I had to add some different music instead. But at least you still get go watch Bellagio fountain show, right?

I believe you can call this an authentic Bellagio fountain room experience, without having to spend all your money renting the room since I did that already and they doesn't come cheap as I paid over $500 for one night here at the Bellagio, with a late checkout. All just so I could see the fountains and the water show.

Travel: Vlog Day 14 - So this is how it ENDS

The final entry in the vlog. It's game over, checking out from the Bellagio trying to pass time until the plane takes off from the Airport. Mean while I bought some Twinkies and had my first taste of one.

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