Cruising the red rocks

Select 4k if your viewer can handle it for best picture quality.

Cruising from Village of Oak Creek to north of Sedona on SR 179 following on 89A north, also called Red Rock Scenic Byway. 

It's a beautiful ride when there's not too much traffic or people scared of the turns when you get to 89A which is the fun part.

This time I wanted to try a timelapse recording in higher quality. It has been a pain trying to get YouTube to make it look good, so this is a 39 gigabyte upload in Apple ProRes 4444. I hope as compression technology progresses, this will look even better on YouTube in the future.

Nesting Bald Eagles - Fort De Soto

Caught a glimpse of nesting bald eagles at Fort De Soto. The video is a bit blurry because you have to keep a distance so maximum zoom was used. :) We didn't know they were there so I didn't bring a tripod.

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