The search for happiness, part 2

The final video from Fuengirola. After assembling the bikes and having out a bit, everybody are getting out on the trails and having fun.

The search for happiness, part 1

In this two part series we go to Fuengirola, Spain to get away from the soul sucking weather in Denmark. In this video it is mostly relaxing, hanging out, eating meat and enjoying the weather. I have installed myself in a small vacation apartment and time is flying faster than ever.

Follow lightning strikes in real time

A quick tip: Follow lightning storms live to see if you are likely to be in the direct path or maybe just for fun.

Replacing a #906 incandescent bulb with LED

In this video I replace a #906 incandescent used as flashers in old pinball machines with a LED. 

Action Packed.

Click here for the repair videos mentioned in the video.

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