Being a pinball machine owner

In this rather long video I talk about some of the technical things that end up dealing with and fixing when you own an old pinball machine. It can serve as inspiration or a warning, if you are thinking about buying a machine for yourself. :)

The other video I talked about: Addams Family Pinball Repair - Part 1 of 2, The Transistor 

Grill time: First time tasting a wagyu steak

Today I am doing some cooking. I throw some wagyu meat on the grill which I haven't tasted before so that I can see if it's a awesome as people seem to think. As side dishes I am making some oven baked "french fries" and a gorgonzola sauce. It is hyped as the best meat ever, but is it actually overrated?

That took forever to edit. Second highest amount of cameras I have used so far. :) Also, wanted to use Truddelutt as background music, but could not find a version I could license. :(

From Oak Creek, AZ via Flagstaff to Las Vegas timelapse

In this video, we are driving from Oak Creen at Sedona, Arizona,via Flagstaff to Las Vegas. We mounted a camera on the windshield of the car as an experiment and took a picture every few seconds.

It’s a four and a half hour drive if you don't make any stops along the way, which we did and that was the content of the previous video. But I have left out all of that in this one and this is just pure driving.

Now, 479 kilometers or 297 miles does take a long time in real time, so this is a time lapse which is done in less than 6 minutes, probably in five and a half.

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