Florida mountain biking - Long version

Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve. (22 minutes of the 2 hour ride)

Visited Florida and needed to get out and get some exercise and have fun on a mountain bike. I guess you could call it "swamp biking" though. :) The lack of actual mountains didn't matter to much thanks to the nice trails like this one, Alafia and that the flora and fauna was different from what we usually see. Also I was itching to get out on a bike. While it might not be a mountain bike destination, if you are in the area anyway and want too see the state from a different perspective, why not a few hours on a bike? The intermediate level trails were not too hard compared to what other places consider intermediate but plenty of fun. The people at AJ's Bikes and Boards where we rented the bikes, were very friendly and helpful. Just make sure you have a car that can transport the bikes. :)

On this day, the weather wasn't the best, it alternated between a few rain drops here and there and a light drizzle and slowly picked up as we went along, so after 2 hours I was not all that dry. Luckily we were finished and back in the car before it got too bad.

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