I upload most videos to youtube and there are far more than displayed here

Below are the most recent ones and in the Archive list to the right you can find older videos, or just view them all on YouTube.

I would prefer to host them myself but I haven’t found a practical solution yet. Have tried FCP X outputs but it does not work on enough browsers.

All videos from 2013 and forward are in 1080p so make sure that YouTube adjusts the quality to HD and it should look better in full screen, even though the YouTube compression is awful. Most of them are also in 50 FPS. Some people prefer 24, 25 or 29.98 FPS to get that TV or movie look, but I find 25 fps very annoying to look at. YouTube sadly does not show them in 50 FPS at the time of writing even though they has been uploaded as such. YouTube now supports 50 or 60 FPS, so I am converting those I uploaded with proper framerate. Some of them I had uploaded in half framerate so they stay that way. Still the compression kills a lot of the quality.

Talking about the weather

I just talk about the how the weather has been really bad around here. :)

An out-of-office experience

A company outing in the Copenhagen harbor, venturing out on the open sea in RIB boats. Wholesome fun were had by all. Well, almost all.

Mingus Mountain Scenic Road

I can add one more road to my list. Mingus Mountain Scenic Road has been hiding in plain sight behind a place I have visited many times.

The sweet warm embrace of a mini nuke

There's nothing like fast travelling between two locations in Fallout 4 only to end up directly in front of a super mutant about to make a touch down with a mini nuke. :D

Valley of Fire - Bonus Video

Some footage from Valley of Fire highway that I didn't use in the Valley of Fire Video

Bellroy Travel Wallet and Slim Sleeve

My video on the Bellroy Travel Wallet got a 100 likes, which is much in my world. :) So I revisit the topic and take a look at how the Travel Wallet and the Slim Sleeve have worked out for me.

🌞 My solar power installation - Part 2

This is part 2 of my videos about my photovoltaic installation. Today I take a look at some numbers and statistics. I have been collecting data from the installation the entire time it has been running.

Cruising - From Old Town Cottonwood to Village of Oak Creek

Part 2 on my solar power will be done next week, until then there's this.

Mostly unedited 40 minutes almost raw video version here:

🌞 My solar power installation - part 1

In this video, I take a look at my photovoltaic installation that I installed 5 years ago. 

There will be a follow up video that covers more details about production output and other statistics.

Bose QC 15 replacement ear cushions

I take a look at how the Bose QC 15 and QC 25 have worked out for me and then I take my sweet time replacing the ear cushions.

A word about what I upload

This is just a brief word about what I upload where.

Valley of Fire

In this video, I visit Valley of Fire and take a look at some rocks. :)

Although having been in the area many times now, I had actually never visited Valley of Fire so it was time to change that.

Home on the range

I suppose this video could also be called "A passing feeling of freedom" or something like that. :)


OMG! In this high octane video, full with action packed features, I react to this weird chocolate and licorice candy. You won't believe the reaction!!!


At the moment click bait videos titles are popular on Youtube and people have been turning to them in order to get more views, that is at least what they say. Sadly they also do this for videos with good and serious content. Also reaction videos with people over reacting to something trivial seems to be the thing.

The reaction videos I don’t mind, you can just choose not to watch them, but I miss some videos that I really would have liked to see because the title makes it look like something I would not like to watch.

So with those things in mind, this video is just an idea I came up with as a joke. I would make a poor choice for a reaction video as you can see in this bit. 😀 

And as the final touch, I added some cats in the end of the video, because we all know that cat videos are quintessentially YouTube.

The Las Vegas Strip - America's Scenic Byways

In this video, we drive down another of America's Scenic Byways, the Las Vegas Strip. This one also got the designation “An All-American road".

5 Scenic Byways driven, now I have only 146 left.

Being a pinball machine owner

In this rather long video I talk about some of the technical things that end up dealing with and fixing when you own an old pinball machine. It can serve as inspiration or a warning, if you are thinking about buying a machine for yourself. :)

The other video I talked about: Addams Family Pinball Repair - Part 1 of 2, The Transistor 

Grill time: First time tasting a wagyu steak

Today I am doing some cooking. I throw some wagyu meat on the grill which I haven't tasted before so that I can see if it's a awesome as people seem to think. As side dishes I am making some oven baked "french fries" and a gorgonzola sauce. It is hyped as the best meat ever, but is it actually overrated?

That took forever to edit. Second highest amount of cameras I have used so far. :) Also, wanted to use Truddelutt as background music, but could not find a version I could license. :(

From Oak Creek, AZ via Flagstaff to Las Vegas timelapse

In this video, we are driving from Oak Creen at Sedona, Arizona,via Flagstaff to Las Vegas. We mounted a camera on the windshield of the car as an experiment and took a picture every few seconds.

It’s a four and a half hour drive if you don't make any stops along the way, which we did and that was the content of the previous video. But I have left out all of that in this one and this is just pure driving.

Now, 479 kilometers or 297 miles does take a long time in real time, so this is a time lapse which is done in less than 6 minutes, probably in five and a half.

Trip to Sedona - part 6 - Guns, grenade launchers, gambling and going home

In this final installment of the series covering the MTB trip to Sedona, we drive back to Las Vegas to catch a flight home, but makes a few stops along the way. First a stop in Williams for a coffe refill, then shooting guns at Bullets & Burgers and finally a short visit to Encore / Wynn where they still have ye olde Monopoly Jackpot Station.

Lake Mead low water level and Hoover Dam power production

I pay another visit to Hoover Dam to look at the low water level in lake Mead and I take a look at how that has affected Hoover Dam's ability to produce electricity. 

The upgrades have finished and it can now produce power more efficiently.

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