Pinball Repair Notes

  • The notes of things I always forget. So if I write it down here, maybe I will remember it.
  • In bumbers, #555 lamps are sometimes replaced with #??? becuase the filament are better supported to handle shocks.
  • Sometimes #44 (0,25 amp) are replaced with #47( 0,15 amp) bulbs which uses less power and puts less strain on old systems and less chance of burning plastic.
  • Best LED replacements comes from or Cointaker(have not tried cointaker yet)
  • Pinball switch matrix introduction / repair video, shorted diode(s)
  • Twilight Zone eddy sensor board(Faraday’s law/electromagnetic induction) replacement link.

Weak Flippers

Addams Family - Weak flippers making it hard to get the ball up the staircase. 

All bulbs are old school incandescent and not replaced with LED.

When I got my Twilight Zone, it failed a lot of checks at start upt. One switch failed, opto switches in the clock, no gum ball (ceramic ball) found because of defective eddy board in the ball through etc. 

So I ordered spare parts for some of the problems . Like a new redesigned clock boards with LED instead of incandescent bulbs which means I won’t have to take it apart to replace bulbs and it hopefully will last longer due to less heat although it seems to get hot still. The old clock house was beaten up so I managed to find a new in Australia. I still want the fancy ones with only one board, like for example this one. Other parts were something I could fixed myself.  At one point it looked like the fliptronics or driver board was broken but it was only one of the flipper opto switch boards with failed when it got hot and made the upper left flipper look like it was weak.

Then one day, it finally went through all start up tests without any errors. But there will always be new things needed to be fixed in the future.

Twilight Zone pinball machine starting without any errors.

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