Making time-lapse movies from .jpg’s

GoPro and other cameras can make time-lapse recordings by taking single photos and saving them as a .JPG file. 

You can use different fancy programs to combine them into a movie for further editing. But I always end up just using ffmpeg from the command line. You can find versions for OS X, Windows and Linux. Many programs that can do transcoding, compression etc, often are just a GUI for ffmpeg. A good example are Handbrake.

I usually just run it on the command line.

For example, combining jpg’s into an Apple ProRes movie to use in fx. Final Cut Pro, I do something like this(it seems that a working syntax for ffmpeg changes with different releases, at least under OS X):

./ffmpeg -r 25 -pattern_type glob -i '/Volumes/Documents/Video/05-11-2013/GC\ Gopro/G00*.JPG’ -vcodec prores -profile:v 3  Desktop/testing/

Or if I want something in H.264:

./ffmpeg -r 25 -pattern_type glob -i '/Volumes/Documents/Video/05-11-2013/GC\ Gopro/G00*.JPG’ -c:v libx264  Desktop/test/GC25fps.mp4

It might look more difficult in the beginning but if you are going to do it more than once, it’s really the fastest way to go about it. 

Here’s one example:

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