Money saved

The last year has been a good year in terms of money saved for heating. I just checked my  natural gas meter and I only used 480 m3. On a cold winter I have been using up to 740 m3. So my heating bill this year will only be around 4000kr (730$?). 

The house has a good insulation so otherwise the numbers would have been double or triple that as others have with even lower temperature inside. I manage to keep 23°c.

There are 3 reasons I have used so little natural gas this year, the 2 major are that it was a mild winter and I have also been using the heat pump for 3 months because I had extra electricity from my solar panels. The final reason is that I managed to optimize the configuration of the gas boiler and the floor heating circuit so it can tell the boiler when it needs warm water, but more on that later.

I hope to run the heat pump again this year, and I am considering replacing it  with a better more silent and efficient pump. But the old one still works so perhaps I will just keep it a bit longer

mmm sugar

This is a bit silly. :) 

Every time I order spare parts from an online pinball shop I get some candy. So lets see if I can remember to catalog them when I order new stuff.

Ministry of Pinball


Can’t remember, possibly Pinball Center. Have ordered from them many times.


Pinball  Center


Can’t remember

I have gotten plenty more than this, but it has been eaten. :)

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