All lights are not created equal

I bought a few LED bulbs from pinball center because I wanted to check out if they could replace the old incandescent bulbs. I have already replace bulbs in the backboard and the bulbs under the playfield, but those are all in locations where the bulbs can’t be seen directly. The frosted ones are actually kind of close to original bulbs but I think they are perhaps a bit to dim.

There are a lot of good reasons for replacing them with LEDs, they run cooler, use less power, less strain on aging electronics, wiring, connecters and when they get old, they do not create insane amount of heat like incandescent bulbs that will warp plastic. The bulbs I replaced with LEDs under the playfield, match the colors of the windows they light up so the colors are even brighter. It is also necessary because a “white” LED though a orange window seems to produce a greenish color.

So do they work as general illumination? The answer is yes and no. The do work but they all have cooler colors than an old incandescent bulb and they do not get the light onto the playfield in some areas(see movie below). So if you still want to keep some of that old school look, you have to keep the old bulbs and keep an eye on them.

Here’s what they look like. They overall brightness of the playfield was better than on this video but it didn’t show the difference in brightness and color between the bulbs very well so I adjusted the camera so I matched the colors better and it was easier to see the difference.

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