This is my personal website. So what you see here are just the things that I like to create. As you can see below, I am having fun making videos and it looks like I am getting better at it every day, but there’s still much to learn. It is just one of my hobbies that I try to incorporate with my other hobbies whenever possible. 

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Greatest Hits

I have made quite a few videos by now, these are four of the more popular ones of the bunch.

“Cruising the red rocks” takes you on a drive up Red Rock Scenic Byway (SR-179) . “Made in America” mostly takes place in Village of Oak Creek, AZ with a small detour to La Jolla, San Diego and Santa Monica, Los Angeles.  “Artsy Fartsy 4K Monster Goodness” is a compilation of a number of timelapse shots from a number of places and “The record low water level at Lake Mead” was an idea I came up with while planning a small vacation.

Latest Updates

The five latest videos. Check out YouTube or the video page for more.

Trip to Sedona - part 3 - Bike days

In this video, we go on our first bike ride on the vacation.

Smug level vs. giant douche and a turd sandwich - There's not going to be a president Trump!

I suppose that when it's a giant douche up against a turd sandwich, one has to be mindful of ones smug levels because anything can happen, even a president Donald Trump. That was unexpected?

Looking forward to the next South Park.

The trip to Sedona - part 2 - Dealing with jet lag, stocking the fridge, wine tasting

It's a new day, and there's jet lag to deal with. An empty fridge to fill and wine to be tasted.

The trip to Sedona - part 1- Escaping the darkness and cold weather

Going on a vacation to get away from the rain and cold weather. So, Sedona it is again, again. This is the part of a vacation that sucks. 10 hours on a plane and then some driving. :)

Here we go again

Went out on the trails in Sedona again. Mountain bike super fun happy time. A short preview.

Solar Power

I have a photovoltaic installation on my roof and I keep a close eye on it. I have written a few small programs in Python to log data into a database and display some of it. This is a live graph of the output for the last 24 hours. Updated every 10 minutes between 05 and 22. Click on graph  below for more detailed information. 

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