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Travel: Vlog 12 & 13 - The car is broken, can Hertz save the day?

So the vacation is coming to an end soon, a final day on the trails on the bike and then back to Las Vegas. But all is not well, it seems that there is something wrong with the car, a weird grinding noise from the transmission I assume. :(

I have booked a room at the Bellagio with fountain view so I can get a great view of the fountains.

Making a small intro video to wake up people before my talk at a conference

So I was asked to talk for half an hour at a conference about datacenter infrastructure and so I figured that I wanted to wake up people before they had to look at my slides for 30 minutes. :) So usually people will talk about what they do and who they are. I figured that I might as well make a minute and a half trailer for a fictional movie starring me since it would be something different. It's a bit of a shameless self promotion, I know. :D Somewhat over the top.

Removing seized seat post with CO2 from fire extinguisher to freeze post and frame

I todays video I show our attempts to removing the stuck seat post, actually a dropper seatpost from the carbon frame of my bike. We had tried a bunch of things including boiling water and WD40 but that didn't help, perhaps the addition of extreme cold will shrink it enough to make a difference? So I bought a CO2 fire extinguisher in a final effort to get the seat postout.

Travel: Madera Canyon with birds(wild turkeys) on the road

Cruising up and down Madera Canyon, watch out for the birds (wild turkeys). I wanted book a place for a few nights but I was driving on wide summer tires and according to google and weather sites, where were a chance of snow in the beginning of March. So I chickened out and stayed in Green Valley instead. But as you can see, I could have stayed there without any problems. There are tails for hiking and I saw a sign for a mountainbike trail before entering the canyon. Madera Canyon should be an excellent place for bird watching. 

And again, keep an keen eye on the road, there will be birds and you don't want to hit them.

2018 road trip playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMAHWov6qmrR2Uq9w8XwkoYwWtd-41CmZ

Day 4, Madera Canyon can be found in the last half: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCow0yFWenc&t=0s&list=PLMAHWov6qmrR2Uq9w8XwkoYwWtd-41CmZ&index=7

My Playlist about Americas Scenic Byways: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMAHWov6qmrRAOnbGcs2TYX_qZ7IS5r9n

My other channel with random, unedited stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKq_sn1DMx6jjYPnGtk2xJw

Travel: Day 10 & 11, the $700 wine purchase at Page Springs Cellars

I "accidentally" used $700 on wine one fine afternoon after a wine flight at Page Springs Cellars. But first I went out to take a bit more car footage and I visited Montezuma Castle National Monument and I visit a McDonalds with a peculiar version of the golden arches. And, of course, a bit more mountain biking.

Greatest hits and personal favourites

I have made quite a few videos by now, here’s some personal favorites and some that people actually watched.

This must be one of my favorite so far. Too bad I can’t afford making more like these every day. :D

“Cruising the red rocks” takes you on a drive up Red Rock Scenic Byway (SR-179). A favorite because it is one of my favorite places in the world.

“Made in America” mostly takes place in Village of Oak Creek, AZ with a small detour to La Jolla, San Diego and Santa Monica, Los Angeles. This is one of my favorites because I really like how it turned out

“The record low water level at Lake Mead” was an idea I came up with while planning a small vacation by myself and it ended up getting a lot of views (compared to what I am used to). So I made a sequel half a year later when I went back, and it also got a lot of views.

  “Artsy Fartsy 4K Monster Goodness” is a compilation of a number of timelapse shots from a number of places.

34000 views and 100 likes, insane. Not entirely sure what I did right. :) But it was fun to make.


Solar Power

I have a photovoltaic installation on my roof and I keep a close eye on it. I have written a few small programs in Python to log data into a database and display some of it. This is a live graph of the output for the last 24 hours. Updated every 10 minutes between 05 and 22. Click on graph  below for more detailed information. 

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